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..Simulation training is a development priority to meet the requirements of the labor market – Mega Consult

Training expert Dr. Abdul Hai Muhammad Miqdad at mega consult described training by simulating business models as one of the best training methods that the Kingdom needs at the present time due to its many benefits that allow new employees or those who are about to graduate from universities and candidates for employment to obtain experience and practical knowledge through practical models that provide They have the opportunity to practice and learn about reactions and tangible results by simulating reality.

Dr. Miqdad says that the “business simulation model” also known as “training by doing”. It is one of the most effective experiences in the field of business simulation application. Which combines learning by application, discovery and fun. Where participants learn through simulating projects in the style of real experience in a safe and interactive environment that achieves experience. And practice and enhance the speed of decision-making based on testing many scenarios and knowing their results without risking losses and in the least possible time within a clear vision that achieves the acquisition of real and proven experience.

Added Dr. Abdul Hai Miqdad says: “The size of the system and joint departments in decision-making allows workers to participate in decision-making, where participants form joint teams, work on realistic projects simulation, participate with other teams and compete sometimes, which allows them to learn day after day about the nature of work. More in addition to the practice of overlapping tasks between work teams and departments, appreciating their individual efforts and discretionary decisions and seeing their impact on teamwork and the organization in general on the ground.

On the objectives achieved for mega consult by this type of training, Dr. Abdul Hai Miqdad, an academic and expert in training and customer experience care, explained that practicing this type of interactive experiments and applications using project simulation achieves a number of goals, the most important of which are:
  • Enhance the skills of accounts and financial and market analyzes of gross and net margins and costs, by product, region and client.
  • Finding appropriate solutions to problems as a result of what has been tested from several scenarios.
  • Developing mental skills such as creative thinking, research and cognitive development.
  • Progress in the field of operations as an inevitable result of breaking the barrier of hesitation and fear of making decisions.
  • Understand the interrelationship between sales, marketing, production, purchasing, operations, and finance.
  • Strengthening harmony between work teams to achieve the goals of the institution and developing communication skills between them.
  • Making appropriate decisions in marketing methods, pricing, selection of the desired product, the target customer, the selection of projects and even the number of employees to be employed.

In response to a question about the sectors that can benefit from this type of training, he said: Given the many benefits that can be achieved, we find that it is useful for many agencies and sectors, including, for example, the health, education, tourism, entertainment, machinery, and maintenance sectors.

Dr. Abdul Hai Miqdad concluded his speech by stressing that the bodies concerned with training, whether they are training centers or training departments in the governmental, semi-governmental and private sectors, are invited today to follow this training approach because it is the most responsive to the requirements of sustainable development in the Kingdom, where the Kingdom is experiencing today a great leap in the field of creating opportunities Work and comprehensive economic transformation within the framework of Saudi Vision 2030. It also achieves the requirements of work in the Saudi market, which is witnessing a global trend, especially since Riyadh will become the regional capital for a large number of major economic entities and international companies, which confirms the need to provide Saudi competencies at a high level of training, experience and efficiency. Business simulation training at mega consult is the ideal model for the current stage.

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