Academic Honesty Policy

Meg Innovation Training Center

Academic Honesty Policy

The Academic honesty is an essential requirement for all dealings within Meg Innovation Training Center. We confirm the importance of honesty and diligence within the academic environment by all trainees, administrators and trainers which constitute a fundamental value for the center. All parties have a greater role to play in supporting the academic honesty represented by honesty, fairness, responsibility and respect among all society members. This policy continue and prevail to realize persisting honesty.

Violation forms of the Academic Honesty include the following acts:

  • All types of deception.
  • Intellectual theft and plagiarism
  • Falsification of certificates, stamps, and signatures.
  • Falsification of data and information in reports or signatures.
  • Impersonation
  • Intellectual theft

Procedures adopted by the Center to Encounter the Academic Honesty Violation:

  • Clear control policy, application of rules, and provide guidance and advice to the new trainees.
  • Access of the trainee to the platform is electronically monitored, recording attendance of the full direct lecture, monitoring the accessed syllabus and practiced activities, as well as defining the time spent in each activity.
  • Daily monitoring the attendance in the direct lectures, contents, homework, exercises, and discussion on seminars.
  • Exceeding the permissible absence rate results in depriving from receiving certificate which is determined to be 25% of prescribed training program hours.
  • The honesty aspect of the center are clearly stated to trainees.
  • Written works are the responsibility of the trainee, thus trainees are required to personally present their work in due time to the trainer.
  • Trainees who are selling lectures, notes, papers, or research dissertations during their tenure in the center, or those who are receiving financial compensation against works provided to the others without the prior written approval of Meg Innovation Training Center shall be subject to punitive actions.
  • Trainees who are presenting forms or request including fake information, false or misleading signatures shall be subject to punitive measures and they shall asked to quit from the program.
  • The center maintains the confidentiality of the case of violation.
  • The center shall notify the trainee of the punitive action before application.
  • Restriction of all types of fraud.
  • Respect the intellectual property rights. We, in Meg Innovation Training Center, provide the electronic training services according to requirements of the National Electronic Education Center.
  • Apply a package of the admission standards, and issue attendance certificates.
  • Beneficiary shall electronically get the services through our website and meeting the requirements of receiving attendance certificate of the training course or program.
  • Our work team complies with the requirements certificate award and acceptance of the registered trainees through the digital identifier without seeing the personal information to realize honesty in dealing with each case.

Academic Honesty Code:

The absolute academic honesty code is expected in all projects of Meg Innovation Training Center, and that each trainee shall study in Meg Innovation Training Center where the academic values focus on the importance of the concept of honesty and respect the intellectual efforts of the individual and others.

Trainees and trainers in Meg Innovation Training Center are required to adhere to the value stated herein. This memorandum particularly intended to regulate the conduct of trainees, where the center is following strictly unforgiving policy towards fraud, impersonation, or any other violation.