Gap Analysis

Mega believes that analysis and evaluation, are the basis of the right track test, therefore, the beginning is through analysis of preliminary data, to get important results, for business development, raise productivity, in addition to the performance of the organizations, in different industries and sectors.

Analysis And Evaluation

01 | Analysis and Evaluation

Concerning analysis and evaluation, we offer our customers, different models, in order to test and improve performance through methods targeting five main pivots:
Human Resources: Testing the Quality of the business environment. As well as the happiness of employees.
Services and Products: This pivot tests the Level of acceptance and satisfaction for the quality of the services provided.
Procedures and Processes: Testing the level of smoothness of procedural processes in terms of the number of stages, the time required, as well as overlapping resources.
Facilities: It will test the level of facilities to the requirements of the model business environment in addition to the satisfactory customer experience.
Policies: Testing the quality of internal policies in accordance with the strategic objectives of the establishment.

Our experts master analysis and evaluation  tools including:

– Smart Apps.
– Mystery Shopper.
– Field and Digital Surveys.