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In an interview with Al-Ekhbariya channel in today’s program Dr. Abdul Hai Miqdad


Taking care of the medical tourist experience is an important supporter of the national economy. 

The Kingdom has medical and natural capabilities that make it at the forefront of the countries in the region in medical tourism. 

Dr. Abd al-Hay Muhammad Miqdad, the Saudi expert in caring for the patient’s experience. He revealed that the medical tourism market in the Kingdom is promising and motivates the entry of local and international investors. Estimating that the volume of investment in this market will exceed 124 billion riyals until 2030.

This came during an interview with him on Al-Ekhbariya channel within the Al-Yocum program. The interview showed in which he confirmed the existence of many ingredients and elements. That makes the Kingdom a competitive destination in the region in the field of medical tourism. especially as it has great potential in terms of infrastructure in the field. There are many Saudi medical facilities that enjoy a global reputation. For example, the General Corporation of King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center. That is considered along with several Saudi medical facilities. Which can be an important tributary in supporting medical tourism.

Dr. Abdul Hai Miqdad puzzle out:

Dr. Abdul Hai Miqdad went on to point out that the Kingdom enjoys the presence of many sites. These are characterized by scenic and pristine nature. Which can be a source of attraction for those looking for rest and recreation, and at the same time it can be an important source of support for medical tourism and thus support the national economy until 2030

At the conclusion of his speech, Dr. Miqdad urged the concerned authorities, whether service, health, or investment, to pay attention to this aspect and give it the support and attention it deserves to achieve the lofty aspirations of the wise leadership, calling at the same time to the need to pay attention to the medical tourist experience so that the Kingdom becomes an essential number on the global medical and recreational tourism map. A link to the full text of the meeting is attached.


Watch the Tourist Experience interview here:

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