Our Approach

We are keen to provide the best global consulting practices, that focus on clear steps and sound methodology, witnessed by our past successes, which contribute to achieving the tasks and objectives of the enterprises, efficiently and flexibly, while adopting appropriate control systems, that protect the enterprise, reduce conflicts of interest, and promote the principles of the disclosure, transparency, justice, and integrity of institutional work.


02 | Consulting

We follow a unique methodology in providing consultations based on:

  • Inspection and Gap Analysis (Current Status Analysis).
  • Developing a Consultancy Plan, that includes, Theoretical Solutions, Objectives, and Performance
  • Implementation and Practical Application, through Operational Plans.
  • Evaluation, Measurement, and Impact Study.
  • Evaluation and Development, to correct the track in addition to fill procedural and applied gaps.
  • Accreditation and Achievement of Goals.

Our consulting areas include:

  • Improvement and Development:
    – Improve the Customer Experience.
    – Vocational Guidance in (Universities – Schools).
    – Excellence of Institutional Performance.
    – Development of Non-Profit Organization Projects (3rd sector).
    – Organizational Structures include, Human Resources Structuring, the appointment of a merit matrix, and employment and job accommodation plans.
    – Administrative Structure and Financial Management (Governance).
    – The establishment of projects, the management of their stages and the continuous development of their performance.
  • Studies and Planning:
    – Market Studies that include (Study of Competitors – Marketing Plans and Market Penetration – Sales Plans – Need and Demand Study)
    – Develop Operational and Strategies Plans and pursue their objectives.
    Interactive Activities:
    – Establishing and managing Professional Awards in accordance with Accredited Standards (Marketing Award – Community Responsibility Award – etc.)
    – Holding and managing scientific and professional conferences and interactive workshops.
    Security and Safety:
    Study and establish Security & Safety Systems at the cities’ and industrial facilities level.
  • Provide consultancy support to industrial
    security units.