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Dr. Miqdad Stresses On Customer Experience Importance

Customer Experience Importance In KSA.

The Kingdom is expected to be one of the top three countries with tourism income by the end of 2030.

A Saudi expert calls on the tourism sectors to take care of the customer’s experience.

Dr. Miqdad: Taking care of the customer experience is one of the most important ways to increase profitability.

Dr. Abdul Hai Miqdad, an expert in customer experience and a specialist in the field of training and management consultancy, who is responsible for managing and developing services in all sectors, especially the services of the tourism sector and related sectors, was called to take care of the customer’s experience due to the fact that improving the tourist experience plays a pivotal role in the recovery of the tourism sector, which is reflected in the national economy achieves tangible diversification of sources of income, pointing to a clear deficiency in the quality of services provided to workers in the tourism sector, which leads to the failure of many tourism experiences.

He stressed that keenness on the tourist experience and measuring the extent of his satisfaction with it has become an urgent necessity in the Saudi economy in light of the continuous growth and the wide qualitative leaps witnessed by the Saudi market, especially in the tourism sector, and the clear change in the taste of the Saudi customer, stressing that the choices of shoppers in the Kingdom have changed a lot in recent years.

At the same time, he called on those in charge of the tourism sector to work on raising the level of awareness of workers in this sector with the best international practices and standards adopted to improve the tourist experience by holding training courses, workshops and forums, and starting real steps in this path, starting with the workers, passing through the policies, procedures and services, in addition to reconsidering In the details of the infrastructure of tourism facilities, despite the huge leaps witnessed by the Saudi tourism market in light of the continuous rise in the number of tourists coming from outside the Kingdom, where estimates indicate that more than $732 billion expected revenues will be achieved until the end of 2030, according to the expectations of economic analysts within the framework of the Kingdom’s efforts To diversify sources of income, however, this must coincide with rapid and large-scale improvements in the structure of tourism services, specifically what leaves a positive impression on the tourist to ensure the achievement of the desired goals of the growth of this important and promising sector.

He added: “The Kingdom is on the verge of a major tourism boom in light of the remarkable success witnessed by the Saudi Vision 2030, which requires the tourism sector to take more care of the tourist experience, taking into account that the transmission of tourists’ experiences with the presence of social media has become a mainstay in effective marketing. The tourist and his opinion are the first and true marketer of tourism services in the Kingdom, especially since the number of international companies that are based in Riyadh is expected to increase as a regional headquarters.

Speaking about the concept of the tourist’s experience, Dr. Miqdad explained, “The best way to understand the tourist’s experience is the impression he feels about the tourist service provided to him.”

Dr. Abdel Hai attributed the beginning of the interest in the customer experience to the year 2018 and added: “According to the type of service or product provided, the interest in customer care began from an early age, but it differed according to the time period, but by 2018 the customer occupied more importance than before, and customers became an element of strength. As the best brand marketer especially tourism because their feedback they share whether with family or friends is more reliable than other advertising and marketing channels.

In response to a question about the importance of caring for the customer experience in general,” Dr. Abdel Hai Miqdad says: “The customer experience is extremely important and decisive in the growth and development of the facility’s work. It is necessary to ensure a positive and successful experience for the customer so that he feels confident and can build a successful relationship with the facility or product. And to tell his friends or family about the product or service and leave their good comments, which increases financial revenue and gain new customers.

On the most important ways that can be followed to measure the customer experience, Dr. Miqdad said: “The customer experience is measured by analyzing results, questionnaires and customer satisfaction surveys and monitoring them on a continuous and regular basis, and it will give the decision maker an idea of the customer experience, whether with the provided service, product or brand. It reinforces strengths and addresses weaknesses.

At the conclusion of his speech, Dr. Abdul Hai Al-Miqdad, in his capacity as a senior advisor to many agencies with regard to improving the customer experience, urged decision makers in companies and government sectors in general and tourism in particular not to hesitate to seek the assistance of specialists to improve the customer experience so that they can achieve the highest levels of financial returns for their products or For the services they provide and to be able to retain customers on a permanent basis.


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