Provizit System Agreement

Mega And Future-Tech Sign Provizit System Agreement

Mega and future tech sign an agreement to market the Provizit system

Mega Management and Marketing Consulting Company signed an agreement with future tech Company to cooperate in providing solutions for managing visitors and meeting rooms.

 Under the agreement, the visitor program and meeting rooms will be marketed through the application called Provision.

The signing took place at Mega Corporation headquarters in Riyadh on Wednesday evening, the eighth of this December, and the bypass was signed by Mega CEO, Dr Abdul Hai Megdad & Mr. Mohammed Siddiqui.

Dr. Miqdad after signing, “considered that activating the program is an important step in the framework of Maga’s continuous efforts to improve the customer experience and improve the work environment in the company by using technology to ensure the simplification of procedures for holding meetings and managing visitors. Visitor care and meeting rooms.

For his part, Mr. Siddiqui, General Manager of future tech Company, expressed his happiness on this occasion, saying, “We are very proud of this agreement, especially that it was signed with a company the size of Mega for Administrative and Marketing Consultations, considering it a step towards more cooperation between the two parties and thanked Dr. Abdul Hai Miqdad.

On the program, Mr. Siddiqui said, ” provizet is a system for managing visitors and meeting rooms, which allows employees and administrators to coordinate the dates of meetings and visitors in a way that prevents interference between departments. The system is characterized by flexibility of use through the options it provides that allow the employee to manage appointments and meetings in a professional manner that achieves time preservation of the work.

It is noteworthy that Mega is preparing for the next year 2022 with several programs and projects that contribute to strengthening its relationship with customers, taking care of the internal work environment, and improving the customer experience.

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