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Mega Launches Its Annual Blood Donation Campaign

In Cooperation With The Blood Bank In kfsh Mega Launches Its annual Blood Donation Campaign

Dr. Abdul Hai: The campaign is part of our annual plan for social responsibility.

Mega Consulting and Training Company launched its annual blood donation campaign this Wednesday morning. That was in cooperation with the General Corporation of King Faisal Hospital and Research Center. Employees from all departments.

In his statement on the launch of the campaign, Dr. Miqdad confirmed this campaign. Mega consulting organized this campaign annually for this year in cooperation with the General Corporation of King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center.

In order to contribute to supporting our brave heroes on the southern border. And to meet the request of the blood bank in the hospital. To achieve this, the Public Relations Department and the media invited several neighboring companies to participate in the campaign to achieve more benefits for all. within the framework of the company’s annual plan in the field of social responsibility.

At the conclusion of his statement, Dr. Abdel Hai noted the great response that everyone showed to the campaign. Stressing that this matter is not strange for the employees of our company and our society in general. Which is accustomed to giving and helping the sick and injured in cooperation with the relevant authorities.

And he especially thanked the Department of Public Relations and Media for its efforts in making the initiative a success. Thanks are extended to everyone who contributed to the donation and the success of the campaign.

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