Proprietary & Publishing Right Policy

Meg Innovation Training Center

Proprietary & Publishing Right Policy


We, Meg Innovation Training Center, hereby undertakes to comply with the proprietary and publishing  rights principles while designing and posting the educational and digital materials on the electronic website, as well as complying with all valid rules and regulations of The Saudi Intellectual Property Authority. We further undertake to maintain the rights of third parties personnel and beneficiaries of Meg Innovation Training Center.

The Most Important Intellectual Property Rights in E-Learning Environment:

  • Meg Innovation Training Center has the right to use the electronic content available on the official website, while maintaining the author’s rights and executive bylaw.
  • Respect the proprietary rights while designing and setting the portfolios and apply courses on the platforms including the author’s rights and our accounts on social media such as images, advertising brochures, video clips and other publishing materials.
  • Trainee shall comply with the content right of the center and use only for the center purposes. The center disclaim any other usage.
  • The trainee shall bear the legal responsibility of using content other than the intellectual property of the center.
  • Trainee shall strictly maintain the log in data to the educational platform and shall not disclose to any party.
  • In case of using open content, it would be necessary to state the source.
  • We are entirely committed to the principles of intellectual property rights, and digital publishing rights of the center platforms while stating the intellectual property policies to all center personnel.
  • Ensure compliance with the intellectual property rights during the training process.
  • Continue to verify all the electronic syllabus to ensure being clear of any intellectual right violations.

Publishing Rights in E-Learning Environment:

  • We, in Meg Innovation Training Center, are committed to maintain the intellectual property rights while publishing.
  • Prevent publishing any content in violation to Islamic principles and prevailing social ethics.
  • Prevent publishing any content that may insult individuals of establishments or against the social regulations.
  • Prevent publishing or quoting any intellectually protected content without securing the prior permission or approval.