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Mega is committed to assisting organizations in overcoming their most difficult issues. We help change-makers connect today’s resources with tomorrow’s challenges through our services.

Service Analysis And Evaluation

01 | Analysis and Evaluation

Human Resources In all sectors:

We provide our clients with various services to develop the workforce, improve recruitment mechanisms and choose the competencies that meet our clients’ needs, through a number of activities that our experts master, such as:

A – Measuring and analyzing (work environments)

B – Measuring employee satisfaction

C – Analysis of competencies and capabilities of employees and job applicants.

Business, product and service development In the retail sector :

We help our clients to improve their competitiveness in the sector, with all competence and, as our experts provide professional and support and advice in the areas of:

  • Spread size measurement (brand – product – market size – market share)
  • Measuring customer satisfaction and gap analysis.
  • Suggesting appropriate solutions and corrective actions.

Service Consulting

02 | Consulting

We follow a unique methodology in providing consultations based on:

  • Inspection and gap analysis (Status analysis)
  • Developing a consultancy plan that includes theoretical solutions, objectives and performance indicators.
  • Implementation and practical application through operational plans.
  • Evaluation, measurement and impact study.
  • Evaluation and development to correct the course and fill gaps.
  • Accreditation and achievement of goals.

Our areas of consultation include:

  • Setting operational strategies and plans and following up on achieving their goals.
  • Organizational structures, structuring human resources, competency matrix, assessing the business environment.
  • Market studies include (opportunity analysis – marketing plans and market penetration – sales plans – consumer and competitor behavior analysis)
  • Administrative Structuring and Financial Organization (Governance)
  • Establishing projects, managing their stages, and continuous development of their performance.
  • Customer Experience Improving.
  • Career counseling (at universities – schools)
  • institutional performance Excellence.
  • Development of non-profit organizations
  • Establishing professional awards (Marketing Award – Social Responsibility Award – and others)
  • managing scientific and professional conferences and workshops.

Service Training

03 | Training

  • Leadership development programs (for middle & senior leaders)
  • Human resources and personnel affairs procedures and plans.
  • Qualifying sales teams (individuals – supervisors – managers).
  • Marketing and promotion methods and plans, management and implementation of media and advertising campaigns.
  • Insurance and risk management.

And more features

  • Banking services.
  • Financial and Accounting.
  • Information technology, cybersecurity, programming, and artificial intelligence.
  • Managing and creating content, social media, digital campaigns, influencers and celebrities.
  • Development of learning and training skills (knowledge management)