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Improve customer experience


Getting a positive experience is very important in order to achieve business success when the customer is satisfied with the experience, often becomes a loyal customer and can also help increase revenue, where investment experts see the best way to market is the customer who will market and promote your business instead of you and also become loyal to your company and defend your product, service or brand.

When you want to have a positive customer experience and excellence in the field, you need to think about the customer’s experience of your business, which will have a significant and profound impact on your confidence, business outlook and constant motivation, which is enough reason to develop the customer experience.


  1. The concept of customer experience management.
  2. The importance of the customer experience.
  3. How the customer experience is measured.
  4. The concept of customer experience management.
  5. How customers get a great experience in order to improve the customer experience:
  6. Strategies and ways to develop the customer experience.
  7. Strategies for developing and improving the gym.
  8. The most important ideas to attract customers.
  9. Development and improvement of car maintenance center services.
  10.  Ways to develop and attract guests and tourists to the resort.
  11.  Improving the customer experience in restaurants.
  12.  The most important basics in customer service for restaurants.
  13.  Types of catering.
  14.  Concept of the service style.
  15.  Restaurant manager’s role in improving and developing customer service.
  16.  The most important basics in customer service for premium restaurants.

The concept of customer experience:

 The best way to define a customer’s experience is the impression your customer feels about your business, leading to the way he thinks about your product, service, or brand.

The importance of the customer experience:

The customer experience is very important in the growth and development of a business, it is necessary to ensure a positive and successful customer experience so that the customer feels confident and can build confidence for your company or product and therefore  to tell their friends or families about your company, which increases your financial revenues as well as leave their good comments to you which help your brand or product increase revenue and earn new customers.

  • By 2018, customers have become more important than ever, and customers are powerful, not sellers.
  • Customers are the best promoters of increasing the popularity of your brand or product in a positive way because their comments they share with family or friends are more reliable than advertising and marketing channels.

How the customer experience is measured:

The customer experience is measured by analyzing results, surveys, and customer satisfaction surveys:

it is important to use questionnaire analysis and surveys to measure customer satisfaction continuously and regularly, or after important and meaningful moments during the customer experience that will give you an idea of the customer experience, whether with your service, product, or brand.

  • There is a good way to measure the customer experience, which is the net promotion score index, which determines how likely your customers are to market or promote you to their family, colleagues and friends, depending on the experience you offer.
  • We need   to   make sure that data and surveys are taken into account in NPS form when measuring and analyzing the overall difference across  teams because there are several differences affecting the  customer experience.
  • It is necessary to take into account multiple data points to determine the  NPS of the customer experience from each other, so your customer often wants to share his opinion if you do so.
  • From some points of communication in NPS analysis during the process of customer experience what you should  fix and positive points and excellence and also choose the customers you can communicate  with and those  of them will promote you and support your service or brand  so  you should be honest about the   results of NPS   which are easy to falsify and also you should take them seriously when you know what your customers think.
  • If negative customer results appear, you should  be open to repairing these negatives and making the necessary changes personally.
  • In the event of positive customer results, you must evaluate the performance of all teams in order to ensure that you maintain your service or brand standards, and you should be interested in following customer comments, whether negative or positive, because your communication with customers deepens the relationship between you and your satisfaction.
Determining the causes and rate of customer anger:

Anger is an essential part of doing business, but it is necessary to learn from this to avoid it happening again for the same reasons.

  • Be sure to do a continuous and regular analysis of angry customers so you can see if the anger rate is at a low level that is high and also to identify and find out the causes that led to customer anger and put in place a measure that your team can do in the future to prevent similar customer anger.
Customer Question about service or brand requirements:

Establish a forum for your customers to request new features to make your service more useful and helpful to the problems they strive to solve, whether  it is a questionnaire or a survey via social media, email or in a community forum to give your customers the opportunity to make suggestions that help improve your service, which does not mean that you must meet all customer requirements,   but  if there are frequent requirements you must highlight them.

Analysis of customer support request trends and tendencies:  

It is other usual to make sure that you have provided a positive experience for your customers is to search your customer support requirements on a regular basis.

The concept of customer experience management:

  • E.J.  Survey, Survey, Enhance and Analyze Customer Interactions with Your Service or Brand
  • This XM system monitor and evaluates your customers’ communication system and how to improve their experience as it enhances your business, makes stronger business relationships and builds trust for your long-term service or brand.
  • Customer experience management is an essential component of customer strategy because it demonstrates the existence of investment to support customer requirements by enhancing and monitoring different touchpoints during the customer experience, which brings more value and effectiveness to your customers continuously and this is critical to existing customers as well as new customers.

How customers get a great experience to improve the customer experience:  

Map the buyer’s personality and experience:

so, you can effectively manage the disability solution and create positive communication with customers and take and request feedback from employees and customers about creating useful content for customers.

Gartner predicted that automated chat software would manage about 85% of customer interactions that could help change the customer’s journey in the following ways:

  • With the help of conversation robots, they reduce the effort it takes for customers to solve a problem, and you can seamlessly integrate these robots into your app or website, and customers can start interacting directly with them and connect with a real team.
  • Chat robots can help the customer learn more about your services or products so they can bring information about your product directly from the web page.
  • Conversation robots are not subject to human emotions, so the client will always receive a polite and thoughtful response.
  • It can also provide quick responses and deal with customer queries in a short period of time, which is a central and important role to provide a great journey to the customer experience.
Developing and improving a customer experience management program:

Customer experience management is an art in controlling, designing, and developing customer interactions in customer communication with the organization or company to meet or exceed customer needs and demands.

One of the benefits of customer experience management is increased customer loyalty to your product or company where it can positively promote customers through their family, friends, or colleagues.

  • Be careful to develop effective customer experience management programs in your organization or company in order to improve the customer’s journey every step of the way during his experience dealing with your organization or company.
Focus on customers and develop this culture at the company:

not only focus on creating one team to manage the customer experience in your company but try to make all workers and employees keen on the importance of focusing on customers and to do so must develop a culture focused on customers at all levels of the organization.

Reward your outstanding customers:

When rewarding your outstanding customers for their interaction and participation in your organization by offering discounts, some awards, guides, and books, your customers will remain loyal to you and have an affiliation with your company or organization.

Constant and continuous interaction with your customers in all social media:

The best ways to communicate effectively with the customer are by social media.


Strategies and ways to develop the customer experience:


1) Building a clear vision about the customer’s journey:

The first stage in the development of the customer’s journey is to have a clear customer-focused vision and to be mastered by all employees of your company or organization.

The easiest way to build this vision is by preparing and processing some phrases and texts that act as guidelines in dealing with the customer. 

Once these principles are processed and developed, the behavior of your company or organization is led. Everyone in your organization or company should be aware of these principles and should be explained and designed in various areas of training and development.

2) Customer Recognition:

The next step in building principles to improve the customer experience in reactivating and understanding many different customers who deal with your organization’s team or company.

3) Increase emotional communication what customers:

Customers will become loyal and have a loyal affiliation to your organization or company if they are associated with your product or service emotionally, companies that seek to improve emotional communication with their customers outperform their competitors in sales growth by 85%.

4) Get feedback in a short time and constantly from customers:

In order to know if you are providing a great experience for your customers, you should ask them about their experience journey and best do so by recording their feedback and surveys directly and constantly and seeking to implement frequent customer requirements, using communication and live chat to have direct and quick conversations with customers and when you are done, communicate and send an email to all customers from registering their questionnaires and surveys about the service or other similar means to evaluate a customer trip.

5) In order to develop and improve your organization’s team, you must use a quality framework:

by identifying the training needs of each member who gives your company or organization to support your customers.

6) Decision-making based on feedback from your company team or organization:

Most companies or organizations have annual surveys through which feedback is collected from members of the organization’s team, to record their feedback, how they interact and communicate with customers, and how well the organization or company is able to provide exceptional support and services.

7) Measuring ROI based on providing a positive customer experience:

the last steps of these strategies are to see if all these investments in your organization’s team, working methods, techniques, and support services will pay off or not.

Where the customer is satisfied when the service or product is able to meet his or her exact needs and desires, this means that we have to know what these needs are.



The strategic plan to improve and develop sports is to develop action plans and allocate some resources to achieve the goals of sports and physical education in order to reach the highest level of quality, with the aim of improving the outcomes of education, promoting and establishing healthy behaviors, using sport as a tool for entertainment and recreation, upgrading the sports level in local and international competitions and competitions, and creating an atmosphere suitable for providing a sports system suitable for international levels.

The strategic plan for improving and developing sports comes with the aim of improving the level of physical and sports education, by developing a working system that meets the requirements and needs of the community, within the framework of caring, developing, and maintaining customers, by setting the goal of physical and sports education that the foundation seeks to achieve, by achieving a set of goals, focused on raising awareness of the importance of sports education and promoting sports activity among all members of society in general.


Strategies for developing and improving the gym:

  1. Good selection of outstanding trainers in their work and the work of tests necessary for them.
  2. Providing and improving sports facilities in order for customers to have a high level of services and raise financial revenues.
  3. Recruiting participants.
  4. Organizing events.
  5. Sponsoring volunteerism (including trainers, referees, administrators and other staff).
  6. Openness in the administrative and political structure.
  7. Knowledge management.
  8. Improving self-financing programmes.
  9. Making programs for the development of athletes.
  10.  Forming partnerships with other organizations and sports.



Entrepreneurs wake up every morning and have the hope of attracting many customers to buy their goods or products where nothing can  make a business owner feel more successful and happy than earning customers to sell new goods or make a deal.


Ideas to attract customers:

If we talk about attraction, we associate it with magnets. 

Commercial attraction is similar to magnet appeal because we always look for tools that can help attract and achieve business goals and certainly attract customers at the top of this list.

The most important ideas to attract customers:

Attractive marketing phrases:

You always suspect the word has a significant marketing power by employing it properly. Attractive marketing phrases are an element of hidden marketing that controls customers’ feelings and drives their inner tendencies to get what’s special, unique, and different.

Moving words and sentences always intrigue customers and make them wonder if what they’re really going to get deserves to take a step towards and buy it.

Continuous and more specialized offers:

The distinctive and continuous exhibits are thoughts of attracting customers, but if the offers are more specialized and directed to a certain category of customers it is a viral way to earn more customers.

Continuous communication on social media:

Social media has been considered virtual communities that do not exist, but now these communities represent us more than ever before and are a mirror of the real-life we live every day.

Pay attention to ordering customer ratings:

So, make sure you know if your product is good that you don’t evaluate and deal with deficiencies and work to solve them. Don’t look at weaknesses as having a negative impact on attracting customers, they can build old customers’ confidence in dealing with you and also win many new customers.

Sure, no product will be 100% special, but your quest to find out the disadvantages of your product and try to deal with it and solve it will enhance customer confidence and build good relationships between you and them.


Car maintenance centers

Developing and improving the services of car maintenance centers:

There is a difference between the car workshop project and the car maintenance center project in many respects, which is that the center provides multiple services often covering the entire parts of the car, and the needs and requirements of customers, which makes the center many services and can develop these services by introducing a new type of services for customers such as:

  • Repair car control.
  • Computerized vehicle failure detection.
  • Maintenance of the entire parts of the car (electricity – cooling – mechanics).
  • Maintenance of the hatching.
  • Quick oil change.
Maintenance center services can be expanded and effective services added to win over many customers and continue to deal with them such as:
  • Work a mobile car workshop to repair broken cars and transport them to the maintenance center 
  • Providing and installing auto parts where the piece is sold and installed and making profits from both sides and providing speed and achievement
  • Make a car wash service after repairing it to wash the cars of customers wishing, for an additional fee
  • Maintenance centers can become a broker for selling cars and facilitating purchase and sale for a financial fee.

Tourist resorts

Tourist resorts are one of the most important reasons that attract tourists to tourist cities, so all cities that are present in tourist places, especially cities whose economy depends entirely on tourism, are keen to work on developing and improving resorts and making them better and of high quality. 

Each resort has a lot of ingredients that attract tourists to visit it and the presence of modern decorations,  and the provision of services and additions in high quality.

The visitors are most interested in preparing, equipping and containing the rooms for their full personal needs.

 The resort is keen to be in the distance close to restaurants, airports and surroundings to facilitate the moving process and enjoy the experience of the tour while staying.


Ways to develop and attract guests and tourists to the resort:

Good marketing of services:

The attraction is from the beginning of the good marketing of the services provided by the resort as well as the competitive features that the resort has to offer, and use these features in advertising and advertising that is directed to the target group and direct the full focus on the work of contracts and agreements with institutions needing to serve the resort.

Providing comfort to guests:

Yougd many details that the staff at the resort overlook and which can cause a negative impression among guests, there are things that seem in the eyes of the resort staff simple, but they are a priority that the guest looks at and may make him feel comfortable and  completely satisfied, and may even make him advertise the  resort within his family and friends

One of these endless details is the interest of the guest from the moment he arrives at the resort and deals with it, the tact and attention in dealing with the services that make the guest want to stay in the resort at all prices.

Good communication between the receptionist and the guest:

Live W services should be presented to the guest with a welcome and answer any questions for the guest with interest.

Repairing shortcomings:

Itis possible to maintain the  treatment and organization of any deficiencies or defects that may occur to gain the satisfaction of the guest,

Looking good:

You should look nice and take care of the personal hygiene of all the staff at the resort, starting with the receptionist who represents a picture of the resort’s façade.

Residential unit:

Attention must be paid to the full details of the resort in terms of cleanliness and distribution of furniture because this is the focus of the attention of guests and ensure the safety of all devices and the quality of lighting and meet all the services that guests may need.



Improve the customer experience in restaurants:

Customer service in any restaurant is the basis of the process of success and excellence of this restaurant, all restaurants look forward to excellence, success and ambition in highlighting themselves in the minds of customers in light of the proliferation of many places for food services these periods. As a restaurant owner looking forward to the success of your restaurant, you should focus and pay close attention to the quality of the services you provide to customers, as according to deloittereport – 60% of customers will prefer to constantly frequent a restaurant according to the distinctive experience and positivity they found in the restaurant, resulting in a rise in restaurant sales, and of course this shows how important the interest is in the quality of customer service.


The most important basics in customer service for restaurants 

Customer Expectations: Customers enter several certain expectations when they enter the restaurant, and if you put yourself in the customer’s place, you can expect:

Warm reception when entering, attention and focus on the customer of the fast service staff from all directions: from the arrival of the customer to the restaurant to receipt of the invoice and of course what happens between them nice and calm atmosphere without any inconvenience and provide high quality foods and provide attention and nice treatment from the service staff throughout the dining period and quick and simple payment methods.

These expectations will often be in the minds of customers, and attention and focus on these factors are part of the art of serving and quality restaurants.


A type of catering:

American-style catering:

This service is a covered table in front of which customers sit, then order what they need, then the food is prepared and the chef determines the amount of food and attachments that will be served with him, and the waiter serves that meal to the customer’s table.

French-style catering:

In this service, the chef cooks food in front of the customer, and there are also professional services near the customer’s tables to serve slowly and properly cooked food, offering appetizers on the right side of the table while other dishes are served on the left side and these services are usually followed in luxury restaurants.

Buffet service in restaurants:

This service is one of the most accessible and used services for events and parties, where guests bring food themselves by getting food from the table previously prepared with all kinds of food, and some food chefs stand around the table to help customers put foodservice using silverware for the table,

There is a great similarity between this service and the French-style service, and the main difference is the use of silverware largely in serving tools of dishes, spoons, and cups, and this service is used heavily in restaurants and luxury hotels since it requires high costs.


Service style concept:

The concept of service style indicates how to serve food to the customer in the restaurant, how to prepare the kitchen, how to put and equip dining items on the table and the type of food.

The role of the restaurant manager in improving and developing customer service:

The restaurant manager has a responsibility to ensure that the work in the restaurant is going the right way and at a high-quality level, to ensure that employees treat customers and provide the best service to them, and to seek the best ways to develop and improve the restaurant and provide the best quality services to customers.

The most important basics in customer service for premium restaurants:
  1. Train staff on customer ethics, etiquette and response and make sure that every member of the restaurant team is as gentle, friendly and able to attract customers, and looks as appropriate as possible.
  2. To take a step away from other restaurants you should study their services to apply for them even with simple ideas, make a surprise offer to customers during their dining experience in your restaurant, they can be happy by informing them of discounts or special dishes for the day which makes them feel that they have made the right decision that they ate in your restaurant.
  3. Work to provide appropriate services with different holidays and seasons, such as outdoor dining when the atmosphere is right and create an atmosphere and celebrations for holidays, whether birthdays or public holidays.
  4. Develop modern payment mechanisms such as digital booking systems or electronic payment systems to regulate customer booking services.
  5. Attention and focus with customer complaints and criticisms, where you should pay attention to listening to their comments and criticism and how to offer them compensation, which helps to know the points of people and weaknesses of your restaurant and work to solve them.
  6. Focus and pay attention effectively with the customer throughout his experience in your restaurant from the beginning of his arrival at the restaurant to receive the invoice to get customer satisfaction.


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