Technical Support Policy

Technical Support Policy

Meg Innovation Training Center is always committed to provide the technical, technological, and academic support for all beneficiaries of the electronic education through the available channels as published on the website.

Rules and Ethics to be followed by the Beneficiary:

  • Explain the problem in details to the representative of the technical & educational support through any available channel.
  • Comply with dialogue ethics.
  • Due respect.
  • Avoid insults.
  • Avoid any political or religious discussions.

The Complementary Services of the Technical Support Process:

  • Provide solutions for technical problems facing users.
  • Training on the electronic platform and appropriate usage.
  • Assist users to establish their own accounts.
  • Assist the trainee to extract the certificate from Mnar Platform.


  • The Website provides Technical Support through: –

Contact us by calling 0551189110 or via e-mail [email protected]

  • The website is providing training services to the registered trainees, and is committed to provide the necessary support to get advantage of such services through the communication media specified herein throughout the term of the program and throughout the weekly duty hours.