The story from the beginning

The story of Mega Company

Mega was established in 2004, it began to provide its services to the business sectors, governmental as well as the semi-governmental organizations. Success and progress continued year after year, thanks to a strategic vision, based on providing an appropriate environment, that includes the development of thought in providing management consulting, and supporting the development of human resources, and we are working to achieve this through applying relevant policies, methodologies and procedures based on international best practices, towards providing value-added practical solutions to our clients.

The story from the beginning


Our Story

Mega Company was established in 2004 and started providing its services For business sectors and governmental and semi-governmental organizations The success and progress continued year after year. Thanks to a strategic vision It is based in its strength on providing an appropriate environment that includes development Experience and intellect in providing management consultancy and development support HR. We are working to achieve this through the application . Relevant policies, methodologies, and procedures based on Global best practices, towards providing practical and relevant solutions Added value to our customers.