Open Day Programs

Team Building Activity

Mega in partnership with Meg Events Has the pleasure to introduce a new service called ( Team Building Services ) for your planned Company open day event .

Mega believes that it’s the time for the reintegration programs, taking into account the precautionary measures which are going to accompany such activities for a healthy life-style.

Team  building program will contribute for the restoration of the sediments based on the ramification of Covid 19’s global pandemic crisis.

There are goals and competencies acquired for each exercise which are sought to be part of the self-development’s process in a purposeful entertainment style.

Working as a team is an important and essential requirement which requires several skills  under the advisers’ supervision, which we will emphasize and seek to consolidate during the journey .

We have the experience and tools to make your event more entertaining and inspiring .

For a more effective event, we will provide a range of different proposed natural areas such as farms and natural or mountain resorts in Riyadh region and beyond.


The objectives of the activities

Vary between stimulating leadership skills, teamwork, promoting self-confidence and social intelligence as well as focus, decision-making, time and priorities management, organizing tasks and achieving them.

In partnership with the Cigar Agency, we are pleased to hold the work of the event’s identity with creative ideas, in addition to implementing them in an optimal manner .

For further information, please visit the link below and feel free to contact us .